How to Store Sneakers Properly to Maintain New Condition

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There’s nothing more exciting than using your favorite pair of shoes whenever you head out of your house. But what’s heartbreaking is when the weather condition unexpectedly turns cloudy and rainy, or you unintentionally step in a pile of dog poo. Whether your collection is rare or you merely want to rock what you got, you must keep your shoes fresh as long as possible. And there are methods on how to keep them squeaky clean, and long-lasting.

How to Store Your Sneakers

Store Your Sneakers Properly

Whatever house type you live in, there are ideal places to store your shoes. What’s important is the area is dry with moderate conditions. Remember that heat and humidity are your enemies when it comes to your sneakers. Some sneakerheads think the attic, garage, or basement are the best areas, but this might not be ideal in some cases.

The best option would be your closet or an extra bedroom that you are not using for optimum safety. If you go for the latter, keep those blinds shut to avoid direct sunlight that causes sun bleaching and ruins your sneakers’ color. Also, you must elevate your collection to avoid flash floods (though this seldom happens).

Eliminate the Original Boxes

Unfortunately, the original boxes of your shoes provide a little protection and break down over time as they do not have the essential structure to support a heavyweight. So, investing in plastic storage bins that you can find online is with it, especially if you have multiple pairs of sneakers. They can also fit even the bulky pairs for all your stacking needs.

Organize Your Kicks

Another excellent way to keep your sneakers fresh is by organizing them, and the way you do it is vital. Usually, you sort them by model, brand, color, etc. But you can do more, like creating a different area for your shoes by season. A space for your sneaker boots that you only wear during the colder months or running shoes that you use several times throughout the year. Just make sure that before you store them for later use, reevaluate your shoe collection and examine if they are in excellent condition. Treat them with some shoe products, like crease protectors, water repellent spray, wipes, etc., that you can easily find online.


While you can machine wash your sneakers to remove odor and dirt, you need extra care for this process. In addition, you shouldn’t do this to some materials, such as suede and leather, since they can be damaged easily. Alternatively, using wipes for sneakers is an excellent way to get rid of marks and splashes.

Use Crease Protectors

Shoe shields are little foams that you place into your shoes to avoid creasing or wrinkling. They remain comfortably fit on top of your shoe to support and maintain shape, particularly if your shoes are not your proper size. In most cases, shoes larger than your foot size tend to flex while you’re strolling, resulting in creasing. In this case, your shoes do not only get damaged easily but also result in foot issues.

Don’t Forget Your Laces

It’s always best to buy extra laces for your shoes because changing them regularly will provide a new look in an instant. If it’s not possible for some reason, clean the existing ones by soaking them in hot water with your favorite laundry powder. Once they’re clean and dry, iron them before relacing your shoes.


No matter how often you use shoe products for your sneakers, you shouldn’t expect them to preserve their health and good looks if you don’t store them properly. Tossing them everywhere where they can end up being stained and misshapen is among the reasons that shorten their lifespan. On top of these, make sure that you purchase top-quality shoe products from a reliable shoe accessories shop to guarantee effectiveness.