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Benefits of Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Company

On account of the recent floods throughout the United States, much of the nation has experienced violent weather in recent months and literally millions of people have had a deluge (rain or flood) hit their community! These storms have led to water damage affecting tens of thousands of homes. If this water damage isn’t dealt with very quickly and professionally, the inevitable result is going to be mold. 

Molds are a very large group of fungi. However, when molds are located indoors, they can damage or ruin the home, and they pose serious health issues to individuals living in that environment. Individuals at high risk in these types of environments are such individuals: the very young or the very old, persons with pre-existing respiratory ailments like asthma or lung disease, persons that are already ill or are treating a chronic illness, etc.

Mold requires just three things to develop: (1) an organic food source such as wood, paper, fabric, leather, wool, etc., (even dirt on inorganic substances has enough organic material to support mold growth); (2) an agreeable temperature range between 68º and 86º F, that is typical of most occupied buildings; and (3) adequate moisture which can come from a plumbing leak, water damage from a storm (or even high humidity). In most houses, the states are almost ideal for mold to grow — there’s just one required item that’s missing — water. If you now add water from a storm or another source, and you do not deal with the water quickly and correctly, then mold will expand. Don’t let your loved ones take this risk.

Observing any water damage event, the best way to make certain that mold won’t start to increase is to contact a restoration professional to remediate the reduction, or to perform a review to confirm there are no lingering problems in the home.

If despite all of your best attempts, you suspect that there is mold in your house, it is important to understand what to do. In many cases, the very first indication that mold is growing somewhere in the house is odor; truly, your nose knows! The identifying “musty/moldy odor” is the result of Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds. These are gases that are released into the air whenever mold is growing and digesting food sources. When you notice the “moldy” smell, then, somewhere, mold is growing. A very little mold can give off a great deal of odor. It’s important to find the mold and to properly remediate the problem, and be sure the underlying water problem is resolved/ fixed. Again, a restoration professional is a great resource to aid in the evaluation and the remedy. Mold shouldn’t be ignored. Department of Health officials say that “Many, if not most, molds can produce potentially harmful substances, whether it’s allergens, mycotoxins, or other compounds. Hence, all indoor mold growth should be removed promptly, regardless of what type(s) of mold is present or if it may produce toxins.” (

Often, individuals will try to remove modest amounts of mold. A common instance is when mold, often called “mold”, can grow on the grout of bathroom tile. Commercial cleaners designed for mold and mildew removal are usually effective in such cases. Obviously, the user needs to follow label directions, wear gloves and eye protection, and ensure there is adequate ventilation to avoid the buildup of disagreeable vapors. It’s crucial to keep in mind that such cleaners consist mostly of water (90% or more), which moisture is the leading cause of mold growth. It’s therefore essential to wash the area after cleaning. A small fan is can provide substantial assistance in helping dry stuff. If it’s left moist, the mold/mildew will often reappear in a very limited time.

If a substantial quantity of mold is present, or whether you’re simply not comfortable in dealing with the total situation, then a professional remediation company, for example as PuroClean, must be contacted to assist with analysis and remediation. Such a company may set a containment area around the materials to prevent the spread of mold and spores to other unaffected parts of the construction. Care should be taken to create certain the remediation is done properly, by an expert. Whenever appropriate, they might also seek input from several other technical professionals, such as an indoor hygienist. And, finally, the inherent water issue which allowed the mold to grow in the first place must be fixed. If that is not completed, then mold will almost surely reappear.

When coping with damage from mold, you need to call your regional PuroClean Office. For more information, visit this water damage company, they also offer trauma clean up and other services, check them out.

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