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Teaching children

Our Search For New Educational Ideas Continues!

The New Search Educational Ideas Guide

man teaching children The choices for education are numerous and in 2010 we researched several of them. I expect that 2011 continues to provide fresh and innovative ideas for the development of the Intellectual Path.

During 2010, I researched several known choices for education including homeschooling, magnet schools, charters colleges, and online schools. Each one of these has evolved from a concern that our countries educational system is failing. Prices are rising, almost out of control, and performance by our students is lagging behind the world, or at best, fitting it. But our state needs leadership in the educational sector and maintaining the status quo just is not good enough.

The four key alternatives previously researched in 2010 have some things in common where we could perhaps learn something. Whether it is a home school, a charter school, or magnet school, we find that smaller class sizes issue and do gain student performance. In addition, we find with these 3 options that less bureaucracy and fewer requirements to fulfill onerous bureaucratic regulations and rules benefits the pupils. Where administrators and teachers are held to more direct performance criteria, they live up to them! We did see that oftentimes, the use of technology can leverage the pupil’s expertise, and also the case of undergraduate applications may offer a much less expensive alternative to community colleges or universities.

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In all cases, we find that the significance of school to the pupil’s support group is crucial. Where pupils have a solid family around them who is supportive of lifelong learning, they tend to be intellectually curious and generally better students. Tied to this, we did also talk about the significance of a nation generally sharing a set of values and morals. We discussed the 1963 Supreme Court decision that removed prayer from our public schools, and accelerated a move toward our country looking inward to fix its own’ problems, not upward!

Possibly the most uniform finding in 2010 is that the issues with our state’s schools are complex, mostly due to the diversity and size in the system. The present public school system tries to be all things to all people catering to all religions, all of the scholastic aptitudes, and the other general qualities of the student body. Maybe this is a situation that’s at the root of the issue. Like so many other associations which get unwieldy and unmanageable as they become large (the federal government comes to mind, or General Motors), the public school system might just be so big it can’t effectively perform its job. Maybe as we proceed continuing to search for better solutions, we will realize that as private businesses change to accommodate customer demand, schools will need to as well. And maybe that change will include more technical colleges, either in academic concentrations or even in the transactions.

I believe also that we will continue to see growth in the home school movement. As I’ve discussed in previous posts, this isn’t only a religious issue, but rather is a system of parents taking direct responsibility for the education of the children. By definition, you have involved parents, and the systems, structures, and tools to successfully home school a child is evolving and growing rapidly.

I’m aware that the issues facing the education of a child are complicated, and as the father of six, I am intimately aware of the problems parents face. I think though that we could find answers to these issues, to do so, as with so many other things, we will need to believe truly beyond the box rather than be chained to notions of yesteryear, even though we can learn from them, are holding us back from adopting new and innovative ideas.

4G Internet Helps Spread Educational Ideas Online

Recently, Americans have become much more educated and so are conscious of the world around them. In large part, that is because the educational system has grown so much during the last century. It was only near the start of the 20th century that public education for minors became mandatory, but since then, people have continued their education for longer periods of time typically. A good deal of people are going to school nowadays, but there is a lot to be heard outside of college campuses also.

Luckily, it’s easier than it had been previously for all to keep on learning outside of traditional educational institutions, thanks in large part to the aid of wireless internet. As there are several wireless internet connections available throughout the place, Americans are far more connected to lots of great educational tools than they were previously.

Among the most significant ways that Americans have more access to educational resources is through the several videos that various groups place online. By way of instance, colleges and universities frequently have sites where they post different videos of professors or guests giving lectures on campus. These videos are great because they provide everybody the ability to learn something new free of charge, which increases access to knowledge for everybody. At exactly the exact same time, those videos assist schools and universities by showing the world that those institutions are leaders in education.

Many organizations that are not within the area of higher education also provide online videos of different lectures given by world leaders in a variety of fields. By way of instance, the TED Talks organization holds various events around the world where leaders provide brief lectures about contemporary issues in society. Lots of men and women are not able to attend these events due to several reasons, but most of all there is only a limit to how many people can fit in a room. The brilliant minds at TED, however, have figured out a way to place many videos online so everybody can gain access to them. The idea, of course, is that the entire world can benefit and grow from greater access to knowledge.

Luckily, it’s really easy for almost anyone to see the videos since so many individuals have notebook computers or smartphones nowadays, and anyone who has either of these just needs wireless internet access in order to watch those online videos at any time. However, the quality of every Wi-Fi link fluctuates considerably, and viewing videos online needs a whole lot of bandwidth. So those who have slow internet connections are not able to watch online videos as easily or clearly as people with faster connections.

That is why it’s so good that the fourth generation, or 4G, of wireless internet service, is currently available. The support is four times faster than Wi-Fi signs from any old generation, making it a lot easier for all to watch educational movies online. Because of modern technology and the notion of a couple of brilliant folks who wish to make it much easier for the entire world to get ideas, there’s a plethora of information out there that everybody can access easily.

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