Fun Events at Rodeo Austin

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When we think about rodeos, we see cowboys wearing huge boots and wearing stetsons. Live rock music, giant angry bulls, the smoky BBQ, and dangerous delights combined with fairy floss. That conjures up images of a rodeo for me. Rodeo Austin did not let us down!

Rodeo Austin’s Highlights

Rodeo Austin gritty fun is totally non-profit, which surprised me. The main purpose of the group is to raise money for Texas kids to get college scholarships. Rodeo Austin granted more than $2.5 million in scholarships last year! If it does not make you want to support them, we do not understand what will make you! Listed here are some of our favorites from the Rodeo this year:

Bull Riding

Rodeo Austin’s bull riding is first-rate, and the energy and interest appeared. We fell for this competition as quickly as the bull was let go. It’s thrilling at the moment, but it’s also stressful since we hesitate when something dreadful may occur to the rider. The Bull Riders pressed themselves to the limitation with their determination and guts to hold on for the required 8 seconds. This occasion went by so quickly that we wished it had lasted longer.

Live Music

Following the Rodeo, we had the chance to see the Struts carry out, and they are extraordinary live. This was our very first time watching a British rock band, and we’re looking forward to seeing them again. Everyone stood and started dancing after they opened with their hit tune Body Talks. Diva Luke Spiller advised us of a cross between Austin Powers and Freddy Mercury. We definitely liked the program. Check the 100X Dance Hall right here.

Steer Wrestling

This event was Mano y Mano, Man vs. Cow. The cowboy would chase the cow on his horse at fantastic speed, then jump off and tackle the animal to the ground, holding him. As he pressed the cow into the ground, you might see the grit in the cowboy’s eyes. This event was wonderful; it got our heart racing and our adrenaline rushing. We’re all fascinated by the principle of male vs. animal.

Wild West Show

We had the opportunity to take a seat and see a fantastic Wild West reveal before the Rodeo began. Contestants rode their horses around the arena, performing a few of the most extraordinary tricks we have actually ever seen. Handstands, turns, and even jumping off the horse and rising back on while on the run are all possible. This occasion happens on the fairgrounds, so go take a look prior to going into the arena.

Pig Racing

When we reached the fairgrounds, we immediately went to the pig racing event. These pigs did not disappoint me. They pour their hearts out and place on an incredible program. It was actually adorable to see the little pigs run. The pigs were racing for their preferred college, as you can see, and the crowd was ecstatic when the UT pig won everything.

BareBack Riding & Saddle Bronc Riding

Initially, we planned to select five of our preferred events, but this Rodeo was simply too wonderful. Bareback riding was amazing. Riders got on difficult for life as we understand it, trying to hang on for 8 seconds with no saddle and only rigging to understand on to. This was the first event we witnessed, and it ignited our interest. It made us understand that we had been losing out on the Rodeo for the past ten years. Click here for more details.


Isn’t there much to do? For us, it was a total day of pleasure that we would extremely recommend. First, come experience Texas’ official sport in the state capital! Every year, Rodeo Austin phases one of the very best ProRodeos in the country, total with action-packed competitors, a Texas-sized carnival and reasonable shopping, food, and numerous unique destinations.